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So what's an SDG? And why do I care?

Well here's a hint: it's not just an acronym, abbreviation and it certainly is not an illness. SDG is the shortened form for a Sustainable Development Goal, the new (as of 2015) BUZZ word introduced by the United Nations and taken up by all member states of the United Nations.

But to those of you who don't know, just keep reading and perhaps it will ignite your passion to spread good - something we all are capable of having, and maybe you too will become interested in the SDGs.

What are the SDGs?

The SDGs are 17 audacious goals to be achieved by 2030. And by audacious I mean achieving just one of these goals would be globally ground breaking. However, the imperative nature of the Global Goals is that in order to achieve any of them, our world needs to work on ALL of them. This is because many of the underlying causes apply to several of the goals.

A few of the goals include: No Poverty, Gender Equality, Climate Action (see more : United Nations 2030 Agenda). What the United Nations really means, for instance, is that in order to achieve Quality Education we also need to work on the No Poverty, Peace and Justice Strong Institutions and Reduced Inequality, as they are interrelated on many levels.

Yes, it seems these goals are much bigger than us - but the truth is, is that if everyone together did something towards a goal everyday, perhaps these goals would not be so daunting.

So why do I care?

Imagine this: if every person on the planet donated $1 (or those that could donate, donated enough so the average was $1 per person)... instead of putting that dollar towards something wasteful (that new watch you "needed", that food item you were "starving" for... we would have 7.6 billion dollars (this is from one day) that could be put towards a great cause. Puts it in perspective right?

The goals affect everyone on our planet, but depending on your geographical location, your countries government, if you identify as a man, a woman, transgender, non-binary, follow a religion, your race, culture, values and beliefs... YOUR view on the world and YOUR experience will be entirely different from another. This will also affect how important you find global issues.

I fully agree with pursuing dreams and aspirations and I also understand that not everyone has time to donate, money to donate, and life gets busy. But here's my challenge: you can make a difference everyday, by doing something small. The key however, is actually doing and taking action.

If everyone makes a small change, together we will make a big difference.

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