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Who are we?

Youthnited Nations aims to increase youth involvement in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for SDGs, by highlighting the active work that youth are accomplishing globally, while also increasing youth awareness. As youth themselves, Co-Presidents Marnie and Saige saw a need to create an outlet for youth to become more engaged within not only their communities, but internationally.


As youth comprise the largest group (18-33 years) of individuals on Earth, Youthnited Nations has the opportunity to influence masses of motivated and passionate youth world-wide. Through educational initiatives, social media awareness, and community action we strive to engage youth globally in making positive change. It is our mission to create impact on the Sustainable Development Goals from a grass root level to create substantial global change, while also empowering a powerful group of individuals - youth.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to become an internationally recognized non-profit organization that brings together networks of like-minded youth, driven to make a change at significant capacity.


Core Values
Youthnited Nations is committed to doing good for the whole and building strong youth communities to
achieve a global scale of wellness and sustainability, through creativity, open-mindedness, dedication,
leadership, service, making valuable connections and having fun.

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