Meet 2019/2020 Youthnited Nations Board of Directors


Saige Godberson is Co-Founder, and current Co-President of Youthnited Nations. Moved by her work as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care, as well as education within the University of Alberta Nursing Honors Program, Saige strived to create opportunity for youth worldwide to become educated, empowered, and inspired. With a passion in womens and children’s health, as well as youth engagement, Saige continues to build Youthnited Nations and create further opportunity for populations that may not otherwise have the opportunity. 

Saige was chosen as one of Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Top 30 Under 30 for both her international and local volunteer work and leadership. 


 “In the face of adversity, do not settle, but rather speak up and create change” 

- Saige Godberson

Co-Founder, Co-President

Spruce Grove, Canada

Saige Godberson, RN


Marnie Colborne is a Registered Nurse working in a variety of health care settings, including in Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine as well as in the hospital. 


Marnie has served in a variety of volunteer and  leadership roles including Youth Representative for the United Nations. Marnie has received recognition for some of her local leadership focusing on Edmonton’s homeless population as well as attention to international aid working with widows and children in Uganda, including receiving the 2018 College and Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta Rising Star Award, and the 2019 University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award. 


Marnie's passion lies in helping those through individual and community capacity building through health/ wellness education, functional skills training such as in financial literacy, reading, writing and creative means such as art. 

"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any how" - Viktor E. Frankl

Co-Founder, Co-President

Edmonton, Canada

Marnie Colborne, RN


 Brandon Shokoples is a second-year doctoral student in Experimental Medicine at McGill University.


Brandon started soon after inception of Youthnited Nations in 2017 as International Committee Outreach Chair, inspiring many youth and young adults to get involved in a variety of places around the world.


Brandon has a passion for engaging youth in matters that affect the international community as a collective. Working with the Youthnited Nations he hopes to inspire youth to become more engaged citizens within their communities, and on the global stage to work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations.

Vice President

Montreal, Canada

Brandon Shokoples


Katie has 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Science in in Biology and a Bachelor of Nursing Science. After finishing her first degree she worked with an IT company for almost 2 years but realized her passion was in nursing and went back to school to pursue that. She graduated from nursing in August 2018 and was lucky to hired into her dream job working in the NICU as an RN. She is passionate about maternal and newborn health, as well as public health and hopes to expand her knowledge of these areas in the future. Katie currently volunteers with Make-a-Wish Canada as a wish granter assistant, helping to create exciting, lasting memories for sick children. She has also volunteered with the Centre for Autism Services, and held a position as chair of the fundraising committee of the Campus Food Bank while in university. Katie is passionate about working with children, loves animals and the outdoors and loves sports (especially football). Katie is eager to travel as much as possible and loves adventuring to new places and meeting new people.


"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” -Albus Dumbledore


Edmonton, Canada

Katie Hulme


Christopher Moreau, Communications Director, began working with Youthnited Nations out of post-secondary from MacEwan University. Employed within the office of Alberta Justice & Solicitor General, Christopher holds a deep passion for law and institutions within nations. With a passion for community engagement and social change, Christopher continues to work with Youthnited Nations in pursuit of global change. 


“Change is not absolute, it is a simple and selfless act we choose to make everyday” - Christopher Moreau

Communications Director

Edmonton, Canada

Christopher Moreau


Eddie McDonald is a Photographer and Videographer based in Western Canada. His work focuses on travel adventure, people, and assisting non-profits and campaigns through The People of Here,

Media Director

Vancouver, Canada

Eddie McDonald


Anh-Khoi is currently a PhD candidate in Physics studying string theory at McGill University. He states that "through [his] life he has been fortunate enough to recognize the value of a good education and mostly passionate about SDG 4". Anh-Khoi believes that quality education not only prepares citizens to enter the world, it prepares dreamers to learn from the world, while also preparing leaders to shape the world. Youthnited Nations shares his ambitions to galvanize communities towards actions and support like-minded individuals that wish to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Anh-Khoi hopes to inspire the youth community to consider policies as a path towards building a better tomorrow. 

Policy Development Director

Montreal, Canada



Ellie is Youthnited Nations Junior Committee Chair and represents all youth under 18 as a Grade 12 student. Ellie is passionate about youth engagement and values the inclusion of high school aged youth in international development as integral to the shaping of our future world. Important that high school age youth are allowed in on the conversation of international development and are an integral part of shaping our future world.  In the coming years Ellie hopes attend University to pursue further education in International Relations. 

Junior Committee Chair

Portland, United States

Ellie Hastings


Bagi has worked in association with the Uganda Partnership for over a decade. Bagi insures the communities interests are expressed and works with United Nations currently on our campaign, Feed a Child, Fund a Clinic. 

Biteriko, Uganda Community Liason

Mitooma, Uganda



Youthnited builds and supports campaigns dedicated to engaging youth in achieving the 17 sustainable development goals created by the United Nations in the 2030 agenda 


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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