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Youthnited Nations Board of Directors


Saige Godberson


Spruce Grove - Alberta, Canada

Moved by her work as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care, as well as education within the University of Alberta Nursing Honors Program, Saige strived to create opportunity for youth worldwide to become educated, empowered, and inspired. With a passion in women's and children’s health, as well as youth engagement, Saige continues to build Youthnited Nations and create further opportunity for populations that may not otherwise have the opportunity. 

In recognition of her extensive local and international volunteerism, Saige was chosen as one of Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Top 30 Under 30 recipients.


 “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is a success." - Henry Ford


Marnie Colborne


Calgary - Alberta, Canada

Marnie Colborne is a Registered Nurse working in a variety of health care settings, including in Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine as well as in the hospital. 


Marnie has served in a variety of volunteer and  leadership roles including Youth Representative for the United Nations. Marnie has received recognition for her attention to international aid working with widows and children in Uganda, including receiving the 2018 College and Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta Rising Star Award, and the 2019 University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award. 


Marnie's passion lies in helping those through individual and community capacity building through health/ wellness education, functional skills training such as in financial literacy, reading, writing and creative means such as art. 

"Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any how" - Viktor E. Frankl


Christopher Moreau


Edmonton - Alberta, Canada

Christopher works within Justice and sees the firsthand impact legal and government institutions make on people. An aspiring law student and activist Christopher has been with Youthnited from the very earliest stages, and witnessed the growth of the organization where he began in the communications chair. 

Christopher's passion lies in helping those who have been left behind and marginalised by society. Through his understanding of legal frameworks he aims to inform others to improve their lives and circumstances. 


"One of the things that pains me is we have so tragically underestimated the trauma, the hardship we create in this country when we treat people unfairly, when we incarcerate them unfairly, when we condemn them unfairly." - Bryan Stevenson


Larissa Lee

Vice President

Edmonton - Alberta, Canada

Larissa is a Registered Nurse now working in a busy Emergency Department and teaching undergraduate nursing programs. Larissa has a deep passion for creating opportunity for equality, empowerment and education. She spent one year in Haiti working in a rural community providing primary health care and education.


She later moved to Uganda where she spent two years working alongside local nurses empowering them with skills and further education. She oversaw two busy rural clinics and although she never learned the language, she fell in love with the vibrant culture.


Now settled back in Alberta, Larissa is so excited to be back to helping build capacity in a place that will forever hold a piece of her heart.



Biteriko, Uganda Community Liason

Mitooma, Uganda

Bagi has worked in association with the Uganda Partnership for over a decade. Bagi insures the communities interests are expressed and works with United Nations currently on our campaign, Feed a Child, Fund a Clinic. 

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