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Feed a Child, Fund a Clinic

Feed a Child, Fund a Clinic is a collaborative campaign between The Earth Group and Youthnited Nations to feed children globally and build a nursing clinic within a community of widows and children in Uganda.

Our Goal



1000 meals

$40,000 will build the nursing clinic in Biteriko as well as ensure it's sustainability for the next 5 years. 

200 bags of coffee will provide 1000 meals for children in school

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We have teamed up with The Earth Group to create the Feed a Child, Fund a Clinic campaign to tackle two United Nation sustainable development goals at once: Sustainable International Health and Zero Hunger. The nursing clinic will be built in the Uganda Partnership community of Biteriko, which harbors 15 groups of widows, a primary school, a community garden, and a piggery which are all run by the widows.


When asked what could be brought to Biteriko to improve quality of life, the members of the community are answered with: first aid, nutrition, and education on both women's and children's health.

The Earth Group exists entirely to feed and educate children globally. They are an Edmonton based brand that sells coffee, water, tea, and other products to raise fund for the world food program which converts their donations to meals for students worldwide. To this date, The Earth Group has funded over 3.6 Million meals. 

Donations will be accepted online here as well as in person in the Edmonton Area. Coffee sales will also be available in person in the Edmonton Area. If you would like to contribute by purchasing a bag of coffee, but aren't in this location please contact us!

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