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A junior membership opens the possibility to be a part of our organization for those between the ages of 14 -18. This membership allows for enormous growth and development for young individuals eager to make an international impact. This membership allows for the opportunity to:

  1. Join the Junior Committee

  2. Collaborate with other committees and mentor members

  3. Write for our blog

  4. Take part in events and projects

  5. Receive a monthly newsletter

  6. Volunteer hour tracking

  7. Receive a letter of recommendation

Management Meeting

$25 USD


Mentor members have the unique opportunity to help share their experience and assist Youthnited Nations in achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. If you are over the age of 33 and passionate about guiding youth to stirve for international chnage, than this is a position for you. Additional benefits include:

  1. Collaboration with committees and junior members 

  2. Write for our blog

  3. Take part in events and projects

  4. Receive a monthly newsletter

  5. Certificate of Membership

Although Youthnited Nations is geared towards engaging youth, we also recognize that interacting with individuals of all ages is how we learn and grow.

Become a Member

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