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As a Registered Nurse, Sharan’s work and research focuses on occupational health and wellness with the aim of ensuring that everyone has access to decent and fulfilling work conditions. In her role as an Occupational Health Nurse, Sharan ensures that healthcare workers are able to come home healthy after working in a decent work environment that promotes their wellness. Sharan states that “human trafficking, forced labour and insecure work environments are a stark reality, even in Canada. I encourage individuals to tune in, investigate and demand answers from policy makers, governments and corporations and use their consumer dollars towards companies invested in growth and empowerment of workers”. Human trafficking, forced labor, and insecure work environments are a stark reality, even in Canada, and the role nurses have in addressing these issues at all levels needs to examined closer.  Advocacy, policy development, and public education are all vehicles nurses can use to address goal 8. I encourage nurses to tune in, investigate, and demand answers from policy makers, governments, and corporations and use their consumer dollars towards companies invested in the growth and empowerment of workers. Decent work for all is an attainable goal which affects health profoundly and I firmly believe that nurses have valuable potential and knowledge which must be used to achieve this goal.



Kelly is a first year after degree student in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. Kelly is wanting to volunteer with an organization AZI which aims to help women coming out of the sex trade by providing safety, helping with their healing process and integrating them back into society. Currently Kelly is focussed on finishing her degree in nursing but will be volunteering after graduation in the community. Kelly relates her service work with the Sustainable Development Goal #17, Partnerships to Achieve the Goals.. She believe nurses are involved in every area of life. Nurses provide a unique opportunity to serve and love on people in areas of need (poverty, hunger, environment etc).

SDG 17


Christine is a 4th year nursing student in the Honors Program at the University of Alberta, heavily involved in leadership and interested in global health nursing. As a fourth year, Christine took advantage of an opportunity to apply for an international placement in Ghana, Africa for her final preceptorship. She was accepted and will be spending time in a small nursing clinic in the Apemanim village. Christine helped organize a medical supply drive to help replenish the clinics supplies. Christine and her colleagues developed a gofundme to fundraise with proceeds going to help the community members and nurses create a sustainable fund for their clinic in order to supplement the costs of providing basic care without having to travel long distances for basic medical/nursing care.

SDG 11


Rita is a third year University of Alberta Honors nursing student that is focused primarily on SDG 3, good health and wellbeing. Through her active research project, Rita is focusing on patient reported outcomes collected during home dialysis, as well as the use of these outcomes during clinical visits. Furthermore, Rita is looking at the integration of patient related outcomes, and involving the patient in shared decision making and patient centered care. She believes that patients are the experts of their personal health, and should share an equal part in the decision making process. As a nurse Rita is an advocate for patients, and hopes to empower them to use their voices. Her overall goal is to extend the research project beyond just dialysis patients, to all patients.



Liz Haney is a first year after degree nursing student at the University of Alberta. Liz is involved with an organization called “Operation Groundswell” whose motto is “Backpacking with a purpose”. While in Cambodia, Liz was partnered with local non-governmental organizations in community based tourism and heritage preservation, agricultural innovation and adaptation. They also had an ecotourism project that provided alternative approaches to elephant care, rehabilitation and conservation. Liz relates her service work with Sustainable Development Goal #18, Partnerships to Achieve the Goals. She believes nurses can contribute to acheiving our 2030 agenda by continuing to advocate for people who may not have a platform to stand on. As nurses, Liz believes that “we have an opportunity to give voices to those who cannot speak up for themselves”.

SDG 18


Brandon is a third year University of Alberta Nursing Honors Student that is working on a research project about early intervention treatment programs for marijuana-induced psychosis. The goal of the research project is to improve the health outcomes of young adults that are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Brandon believes that nurses play a role in many of the SDGs and need to work together to achieve the 2030 SDGs.

SDG 11


Chioma is a third year nursing student in the Honors program at the University of Alberta. Chioma is conducting research focussing on the lived experiences of female economic immigrants coming into Canada. The research specifically looks into areas of Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. Chioma is also a Youth Director for Igbo Cultural Association of Edmonton (ICAE). In her role, Chioma helps organize events to assist with cultural celebration, cultural dances and cultural poems for individuals of the Igbo Tribe from Nigeria.



Ashlyn relates closely with SDG#3, Good Health and Wellbeing. She is involved her student council at the University of Manitoba, at her school which has done a lot of work for students as well as the community. Some activities include doing hamper drive, participating in “Be a Santa to a Senior” and stating a collaboration with other nursing programs and colleges. Ashlynn organizes the new nursing student orientation, as well as in involved with the CanU program which brings elementary students from the inner city to the University to learn hands on about various professions.



Calum is a third year University of Alberta Collaborative Nursing student that has an interest in mental health and substance abuse. Calum believes that the stigma surrounding substance abuse and mental health leads to ignorance of the associated diseases. Through SDG 10, reduced inequalities, proper education and outreach can lead to positive change within society.

SDG 10


Emily is Third Year Nursing Student who volunteers with Camp Freedom, which is a program specifically for teens with Spina Bifida with a goal of involving teens in activities that they otherwise would be unlikely to do without assistance. In relation to the SDGs, Emily believes that nurses are the primary contact for helping many people to achieve their health goals. With more nurses available, more individuals and communities will be able to have their needs met.

SDG 10


Glennie is a fourth year University of Alberta Nursing Collaborative Student that believes in holistic care for student self care, as well as for patient care. As the Canadian Nursing Student Association Associate Delegate, Glennie is working on collaborating with local Universities to become a larger nursing ‘community’. She believes that a united national voice for students is essential, and hopes to expand the nursing voice on a national scale.



Richelle is a fourth year University of Alberta Nursing Collaborative student who currently serves as the Canadian Nursing Student Association Official Delegate. Richelle advocates for students and their collective voice to make sure they’re heard. As nurses are the largest healthcare profession globally, Richelle believes nurses have an opportunity to engage in leadership and make an large impact regarding health and wellbeing.

SDG 17

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